For the Empire!

A Thefts Commission - Session #2

Day 2 – 1130 hrs

The party crests the top of small hill and they can now see the village of Bieswang. It takes them another 45 minutes to arrive inside the city limits.

As they enter the city Thoradin stops a citizen and asks about the village and if there is a good inn where the “good” stuff can be found. The citizen explains that there are three inns in the village depending on how much money he had to spend. The dwarf thanks the man and tips him a silver piece. The villager jumps up in delight and scurries off to an inn. Thoradin suggests that he and Tracius follow him to the inn while the rogue, Noctis, to travel around the village and see what kind of information he can pick up.

On the way to the Tin Tankard Inn the wizard notices that the people in the village all appear to be in a rush to get where they are going, they look tired and they shoot nervous glances at the newcomers.

A Thefts Commission - Session #1

Prior to Game commencement: Players finished up lacking areas in their character sheets. The Dwarf added his 1st level feats. The Wizard added his 1st level spells.

Day 1 – 0530 hrs
As the game opens our Dwarf, Thoradin is continueing his pilgrimage. The apprentice wizard, Tracius Falkenberg is woken up by a castle page.

As Tracius Falkenberg approaches his master’s study he notices that the door is slightly ajar. He enters the study finding nothing out of the ordinary and begins setting up for his masters eventual arrival. He heads over to his master’s private library to retrieve a tome and finds that this door is also ajar.

As he enters he finds that a defensive spell construct has gone off and trapped something in a orange coloured sphere. Tracius Falkenberg approaches knowing how to release whatever is trapped and taps the sphere with two fingers. As the sphere disolves the hood of a cloak falls to reveal a halfling his right arm out stretched towards an item of unknown orgin that his master returned with a week before, clearly the spell was left by his master to stop someone from stealing whatever this item is.

Game Introduction

It is a time of relative peace in the realm. Chaos has been quiet to the north. To the west Bretonia has continued with the peace treaty and the trade has been an economic boon to both countries. The Border Princes to the south have remained in their own realms. To the east the Dwarves have had assisted in keeping the Orc and Goblin hoardes at bay. The skirmishes have remained bloody but nothing the Dwarves couldn’t handle.


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