For the Empire!

A Thefts Commission - Session #2

Day 2 – 1130 hrs

The party crests the top of small hill and they can now see the village of Bieswang. It takes them another 45 minutes to arrive inside the city limits.

As they enter the city Thoradin stops a citizen and asks about the village and if there is a good inn where the “good” stuff can be found. The citizen explains that there are three inns in the village depending on how much money he had to spend. The dwarf thanks the man and tips him a silver piece. The villager jumps up in delight and scurries off to an inn. Thoradin suggests that he and Tracius follow him to the inn while the rogue, Noctis, to travel around the village and see what kind of information he can pick up.

On the way to the Tin Tankard Inn the wizard notices that the people in the village all appear to be in a rush to get where they are going, they look tired and they shoot nervous glances at the newcomers.

The rogue talks to several people on the street and learns that over the last 4 days a loud wailing sound has been heard from outside the village. There have also been reports of several farmers going missing. Noctis then returned to the Tin Tankard to meet up with his party.
While at the Inn the dwarf discovers the same information from the inn owner that the halfling has found.

As Noctis arrives he sits at the table and they further discuss the timeline of events up to this point. They discover:

1. 6 Days ago the artifact arrived on the pedestal in Master SmA-or Rorret’s study.
2. SmA-or Rorret has not been seen in 3 days
3. 4 Days ago Noctis was commissioned to steal the artifact
4. 4 Days ago the Wailing began in Bieswang

They then began discussing why the halfling couldn’t remember who it was that commissioned him. Instead of seeing a face all he sees is a blacked out shadow. The idea came up that his memory may have been altered by magic. The wizard apprentice performed an arcana check and determined that magic was indeed used to physically remove the memories from Noctis.

The party was alerted to loud voices coming from outside and a gathering crowd in the village square. They went outside to see what was going on and discovered a light up in the sky. It was like a star but it flashed red. The wizard performed a check and was able to determine that it was a magical signal flare. The wizard was quickly able to dispel the flare but while doing so realized two things. The first was that the spell was triggered by him using his magic on Noctis and the second was that he’d heard of magic users who used such flares… The Vampire Counts. He was also able to determine that the same taint in the magic used to create the flare was used to remove Noctis’ memory.

The group decided that they needed to speak to the Lord of the fiefdom. Despite the dwarf’s deplorable diplomatic skills with the gate Sergeant they were still able to make it in to see the Lord, even if it was just barely. The wizard and dwarf were allowed to enter however the halfling was refused entry and it was decided that he’d attend the Thief’s Guild and see what he could find out from there. After waiting about three hours Lord Tory Right arrived and sat on his raised overly stuffed chair. The dwarfs diplomacy continued to hamper discussions as the meeting progressed however Tracius was able to move the discussion away from what had taken the Lord so much time before he could see them to matters which they needed information.

Meanwhile the halfling visited the Thieves Guild paying his dues for entrance and he discovered much the same information:

1. The wailing had been occurring for the last 4 nights
2. Day time patrols of region had shown three farms had been completely abandoned. Though all of the possessions had remained
3. A night time patrol was sent to investigate the wailing at night and had not returned
4. One farm appears to have been taken over by the Koblod Bandits

Noctis was also able to learn that the reason the Lord hadn’t been seen much in the last couple of weeks was because he had a new mistress.

Noctis left the Thieves Guild mentioning that if any commissions came up to send word. As the Dwarf and Wizard completed their meeting with Lord Tory Right he offered them 400 gp to get rid of the wailing and the dangers with it.

They all met again at the side of the town square and exchanged information. It was first decided that they would go to the magic user’s store. Upon their arrival they found an aged wizard sleeping in his chair behind his desk (picture Groppler Zorn, Administrator of Farpoint Station. ST:TNG). Tracius checked over the potions in the store and it appeared that the Lord was right; he wasn’t that great of a wizard. The potions marked as Full Heal would have been able to accomplish only half of that. They decided that none of the wizard’s wares were worthwhile and he had no new information.

It was decided that the wailing may be coming from some undead monstrosity so they decided to head down to the chapel/graveyard to see if they could garner any more information.

The monk had no new information for them, but he did mention that he had circled the chapel with a ring of holy water to ensure that whatever the beasts roaming the area at night were they couldn’t get to him. The Dwarf requested some holy water and the monk said that he would have to perform a service for that and that the next service would occur tomorrow. The Dwarf then asked if it might be possible to get the holy water sooner. Again the monk said that a service would have to be performed so the dwarf asked what it would take to have the monk perform a service for them right then. He replied that the chapel roof was leaking and any funds they could spare to go towards the roof would be beneficial. Five silver pieces was decided on and given to the monk who quickly stashed it in the donation strong box near the door.

The group sat through the 3 hour service. Half way through the monk provided a blessing to the group. The group instantly found themselves feeling a little bit stronger and found their minds just a little bit sharper (bonus: +1 to hit, +1 to Dmg). The blessing would assist them for the remainder of the day. At the end the monk produced a small 5L keg of holy water for them to take.

The party returns to the village and Noctis demands rooms at the expensive in saying that he refuses to stay in dirty sheets. The group heads to the Lord’s Feather Inn. The Dwarf finally successfully using his diplomacy skills was able to talk the price of the rooms down to 7 sp. The party decides to eat a meal and then rest so they can be up at 2100 hrs to go out searching for the strange wailing at night.

As the group is resting they are all awoken by the sound of someone climbing the stairs to the 2nd floor of the inn. Tracius decides to get up and get some water. As he exits his room he looks to the stairs and sees a person standing with their hand on Noctis’ door handle with a knife bared and two more men behind coming up the stairs. Tracius sounds off a warning to his party. Noctis’ hurries to the door and opens it finding the assassin distracted by the wizard and stabs her in the chest knocking her back down the stairs. The two male assassins nimbly jump over the falling assassin as she heads head first down the stairs and slams into the wall at the bottom. Tracius performs a magical attack and knocks the two male assassins down the stairs dealing moderate damage. The female assassin gets up and moves beside the bottom of the stairs to attempt to take out whoever comes down after them.

1x lvl 3 Assassin (female)
3x lvl 2 Ninjas

Thoradin flies out of his room and heads almost to the bottom step and swings at one of the male assassins smashing him in the head and the assassin flies out the doors into the street dead. The halfling makes a running start placing his hand on the dwarfs head and wall walks over him vaulting behind the remaining male assassin. As Noctis lands behind the assassin he slams his knife into his back straight down to the hilt killing him instantly. The wizard moves to the stairs and hears something from the rooms above and moves back to the top of the stairs just as a door opens and a 3rd male assassin comes into the hallway.

Tracius again uses his magic to throw the assassin into the wall at the end of the hall causing enough damage to knock him unconscious. He moves over to tie him up.

The Dwarf and halfling work together to dispatch the remaining female assassin. Some soldiers outside rushed up to the unconscious bodies that flew out the door and started searching them. The Dwarf goes out and searches the bodies but the guards refused to allow him to retain the “evidence”, the guards dragged the bodies to the barracks for further investigation. On the bodies they found:

Assassin #1
4x gold
3x silver
2x vials of poison
2x daggers
1x brace of throwing daggers (5 daggers)

Assassin #2, 3 & 4 (each)
4 gold
1x vials of poison
1x dagger

The group then proceeded upstairs and back into Tracius’ room to interrogate the remaining assassin. The party was able to discover that the assassins had been specifically sent to kill Noctis. They asked who had hired them to kill the halfling and as much as he tried he could only remember a shadowed humanoid form. Tracius thought about using his magic on him but figured that since it appears the same person that commissioned Noctis commissioned these assassins and that he may have the same warning spells on him.

At about 2030 hrs they delivered the last assassin to the town guard and headed out on their patrol starting in the South near the graveyard. They began hearing the wailing around the village but by the time they’d make it to where they believed it was coming from it was gone and they could never seem to catch up.

At about 2330 hrs the group saw some light coming from through the trees and as they approached the tree line they realized that it was a giant watch fire. There were several of them well placed around a farmstead. As they stood in the treeline they could make out a number of guards.

6x Guards on patrol around the inside of the farmstead fence (lvl 1 lackey)
*2x Archers on the flat farm house roof (lvl 2 Archer)

They create their plan of action to reacquire the farmstead for its rightful owners. Noctis moves in silently using his cloak. He pauses several times to allow the guards to pass by him. As he makes his way through the fence and up to the farmhouse moves closer to his targets, the archers on the roof. As he makes his way around the house he finds a ladder taking him up to the roof. As he reaches the top of the ladder the rungs squeaks and both archers turn to the ladder and take a few steps towards it. “You hear anything?” Tracius used his magic to put out the closest watchfire. The archers’ attention was taken by the quenched fire and as they moved to back to the edge of the roof Noctis finished climbing the ladder. He crept up behind the first archer and slit his throat and before the 2nd archer could turn he somersaulted behind him and backstabbed the 2nd archer killing him. He then moved back and finished off Archer #1 with a coup de grace.

Tracius launched a magic missile killing the closest guard. Just after the missile hits Thoradin charges through the perimeter fence breaking a 20’ gap.

As a 2nd guard comes around the corner and shouts a warning to the rest of the bandits. Tracius launches a 2nd magic missile taking the 2nd guard out. As the guard hits the ground the dwarf runs up to the door of the farm house and readies an attack for the first person to exit the door (NOTE: It should be noted for prosterity and the ensuing hilarity that none of the party asked for the location of any windows or doors on any of the buildings or did any sort of perception check as they moved forward into the compound).

With the alarm sounded, 4 guards exit the large barn and two exited the large chicken coup. Tracius launched an acid missile at the bandits emerging from the barn and missed hitting the barn door.

Updated Enemy Total
4x Guards on patrol around the inside of the farmstead fence (lvl 1 lackey)
4x Bandit Lackey Group #1
2x Bandit Lackey Group #2
1x lvl 2 Riflemen

(NOTE: Hilarity begins now…) Before the Dwarf realizes it the window he’s standing beside explodes into thousands of shards. The riflemen inside was a terrible shot and missed the dwarf from point blank range. Thoradin (as well as his human counterpart) roar in surprise “Son of a…” He then reaches into the window grabbing the barrel of the rifle yanking the poor riflemen out the window throwing him to the ground. Thoradin raises his great hammer and drops the board head into the skull killing the riflemen instantly. Of course this leaves no witnesses to his positioning fauxpa.

Another group of enemies exit the buildings on the farmstead. The Bandit leader shouts “To Arms! To Me! To Me!”

Updated Enemy Total
4x Guards on patrol around the inside of the farmstead fence (lvl 1 lackey)
7x Bandit Lackey Group #1
7x Bandit Lackey Group #2
2x lvl 2 Riflemen
2x lvl 2 Archers
1x lvl 2 Crossbowmen
1x lvl 2 Bandit Leader

Noctis climbs down the ladder and using a special attack takes down 5 of the enemy bandits. With all the enemies bearing down Tracius and Thoradin the wizard uses his cantrip to create the sound of the Bandit Leader yelling to his men to retreat. Three of the Bandit Lackeys believing the disembodied voice flee from the battle believing they were following the orders of their leader.

Day 4 – 0000 hrs

The crossbowmen on the 2nd floor of the barn looses a bolt at the Wizard and hits dealing plenty of damage. The wizard spots the two archers on the roof preparing to fire arrows on the dwarf from directly above and quickly puts them to sleep.

Noctis quickly moves back to the roof to assault the new roof archers. As he is going up the ladder Tracius lets loose with another magic missile taking out the first archer and then bids a hasty retreat as the crossbowmen is continues his assault on the wizard. As the wizard moves back the dwarf moves behind him to cover his advance to the rear.

The halfling watches as the bandits cross underneath him. As the second last one passes underneath him he acrobatically jumps off the roof coming down behind the bandit and deals an amazing amount of damage killing a bandit. There was one more bandit behind him and as he brought his weapon up to attack Noctis the Wizard lands a fire bolt killing the minion instantly. Three bandits and boss surround Aoennis and attack dealing little damage. With the rear clear the halfling is once again on the move and jumps through the fence coming up behind the Bandit Boss bloodying him in one powerful stab. The Dwarf swings his mighty warhammer bashing all three bandits killing them instantly and finishing off the Bandit leader. But he was quickly surrounded by another 6 bandit lackeys. The wizard then sets fire centering his attack on Thoradin singing his beard and eyebrows, killing the remaining 6x Bandit Lackeys.

3 gps, 30 sps, 170 cps
Great sword
2x Riflemen Badoliers (12 ammo each)
2x Rifles
4x Quivers of Arrows (12 arrows each)
2x books
1x set of Dice

As the barn is searched the party comes across storage areas and finds the family of the farmstead locked inside. The party decides that it’s safest to escort the family back to the city. While searching the chicken coup the party finds several burned bodies. The party makes it back to the city unhindered and provides for rooms for the farm family at the inn down the street.



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