For the Empire!

A Thefts Commission - Session #1

Prior to Game commencement: Players finished up lacking areas in their character sheets. The Dwarf added his 1st level feats. The Wizard added his 1st level spells.

Day 1 – 0530 hrs
As the game opens our Dwarf, Thoradin is continueing his pilgrimage. The apprentice wizard, Tracius Falkenberg is woken up by a castle page.

As Tracius Falkenberg approaches his master’s study he notices that the door is slightly ajar. He enters the study finding nothing out of the ordinary and begins setting up for his masters eventual arrival. He heads over to his master’s private library to retrieve a tome and finds that this door is also ajar.

As he enters he finds that a defensive spell construct has gone off and trapped something in a orange coloured sphere. Tracius Falkenberg approaches knowing how to release whatever is trapped and taps the sphere with two fingers. As the sphere disolves the hood of a cloak falls to reveal a halfling his right arm out stretched towards an item of unknown orgin that his master returned with a week before, clearly the spell was left by his master to stop someone from stealing whatever this item is.

As the rogue realizes that he’s been freed he attempts to flee but the wizard apprentice quickly uses a cantrip to firmly close the door knocking the halfling to the floor. Tracius attempts to question the rogue as to what he is doing in his masters library. For a brief moment they are interupted and informed that SmA-or Rorret the Wizard of the College of Heavens, High Councilor to the Elector Count, is no where to be found and his bed appears not to have been slept in. The page and guards are shewed away and Tracius continues with the halfling.

The rogue attemps to bribe the wizard and doesn’t entirely work, but eventually the wizard apprentice decides to make a deal with the rogue. He will finance the rogue in equal amount to take him to whomever commissioned the theft of his masters item. The rogue agress and they prepare to head to Beiswang, the location of where the rogue was to take the item. The apprentice decides that it might be best to take the item with them. He determines that the defensive construct spell is on the pedistal itself. The rogue attemps to throw a book at it to knock it off the pedistal but the book is caught in the spell and a orange sphere wraps around the book and it hangs in mid air. Tracius reaches for the item with his cantrip magic hands, thinking that it might require a magic user to remove it from its perch. The rogue reaches out and warns the wizard that if its warded against non-magical things then its probibly warded against the use of magic also. Its decided to that the item appears well protected in whatever spell the High Concilor placed on it and its best to leave it in place.

They leave Averhiem around 0900 hrs. After about 4 hours of traveling the rogue hears whistling from up ahead. As they round the corner they spot a begger sitting on some rocks. As they approach the beggar hails them, “Goodday good sirs! Would you be able to spare some coppers for a poor out of work man?” After some quick discussion, the wizard apprentice decides to give the begger a silver piece. The coin floats over and lands in the beggards tin cup.

As they move closer to the begger the rogue notices that while the man looks down and out, his boots appear to be in excellent repair… “NOOOOWWWWWWW!!!!!” As the two travelers pass the beggar he flips off his cloak and bandits jump out from hiding places all over.

  • 8x lvl 1 Lackey’s
  • 1x lvl 2 Archer
  • 1x lvl 2 Bandit

As the fight begins our pilgrimaging dwarf, Thoradin happens upon the two travelers being attacked and rushes to help. He first attacks the archer with a heavy critical blow which dazed the archer so much that when he was finally able to move he swung wildly falling over his own feet stabbing himself in the chest with his own dagger.

The wizard apprentice came into his own in this encounter whallopping the bandit lackey’s with magic spells killing swaths of them at a time. But being surrounded by lackey’s is not a good idea and this wizard took multiple hits and recieved a healing surge from the Thoradin as he struck the Bandit Captain.

Our rogue friend skillfully protected the wizard by performing an excellent acrobatic flip & backstab against one of the lackey’s and then turned his attention to the Bandit Captain.

Seeing the wizard taking more hits the Hammerer Dwarf moved to assist with a healing surge tripping over a fallen body. Lucky he was able to reach out and catch the wizards ankle providing 6 points of healing at an oppurtune time!

The battle ended with a final magical blow to the remaining two lackey’s. The trio seached the bodies finding no weapons of worth.

21 cp
15 sp
1x Tin cup

Introductions are made and the Dwarf realizes that this is not the first time he’s seen Tracius before. Finally after several minutes of trying to remember he realizes that he’s seen him from his vision that sent him on his pilgrimage. He quickly decides to join the party as he feels a strong sense to go with them.

Four more hours travel by, 8 hours into their journey and as the sun goes down the party decides its best to rest for the night. Due to the bandit threat it is decided that they will sleep with no fire off the road a short way. They quickly eat cold rations and take turns on watch.

Day 2 – 0500 hrs
As the end of the 3rd watch comes near Tracius begins hearing something but can not determine what the sound is or where its coming from. He wakes up Noctis, the halfling rogue. The rogue listens and determines that something is coming down the small mountain on the other side of some trees in their general direction. The Rogue decides to wake the dwarf and cover himself with his cameleon cloak just as the wizard lights the area using cantrip and just inside the brush they see 4 young deathjump spiders.

  • 4x Young Deathjump Spiders

The spiders split their attack between the two visible targets. The wizard uses his magic and takes out two of the spiders with a little help from the rogue. The dwarf smashes one spider with a critical strike leaving a nice hammer shaped hole of pulverized spider. The 2nd spider takes a little more work but is also killed with a little help from the rogue.

As the battle ends the sun is begining to show over the horizen and its decided that the only thing of worth of the spiders is their legs. They cut of the legs and eat a tastey breakfast saving their rations for later.

The trio clean up came and move on the road. As the session ends the party is just coming into sight of the small city of Beiswang a full two days before the rogue was supposed to meet the one who commissioned his theft.

Session Ends – Day 2, 1130 hrs Game time



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