'Mad' Marius Leitdorf

Elector Count, Averhiem


He is something of an unstable character hence the ‘Mad’ title. Sometimes he is sullen and morose at other times he locks himself away in his chamber for days at a time and will speak to no one and yet other times he is given to bouts of rage. Marius’s tastes for fine silks velvet and exquisitely fashioned clothing is legendary and his opponents (wrongly) class him as an ineffective fop. He maybe given to unpredictable moods but he is a fine swordsman, poet, painter, engineer and invenor. Marius has had many lesseons from the great Tilean fencer, Francesco Carmagnola, and fights with both sword and long bladed dagger. infact Marius is a great patron of everything Tilean and has several influential Tilean friends. Marius is also one of the heads of the League of the Hammer


'Mad' Marius Leitdorf

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