Game Organizations

This section was created to track the major (& recurring) groups that pop up through out the game.

This is a group of independant bandits that roam northern Averland. They began as small groups of men down on their luck. Now they have grown to a semi large group commiting acts such as highway robbery. There have been several escalations where they’ve attacked small villages of less then 300 people. Several of the farmers in the area have not been seen in several months.

Cult of Sigmar
In the years after his abdication and disappearance, a cult was established in the name of Sigmar within the Empire, that quickly grew into a fully-fledged religion. It is now the foremost religion in the Empire and is inextricably intertwined with the political, cultural, and national identity of the Empire and its people. As a god, Sigmar is worshiped as a unifier of mankind, and a protector of the weak and innocent against the insidious threat of Chaos and dark magic. There is some political conflict between the leaders of the cults of Sigmar and Ulric – the northern god of winter, wolves, and war – but within the armies of the Empire followers of both cults are often found fighting side by side.

The cult of Sigmar is divided into four main holy Orders:

•The Order of the Silver Hammer

•The Order of the Torch – These are the priests who officiate at religious ceremonies, hear confessions of the faithful, and organize and lead events on holy days.

•The Order of the Cleansing Flame – This Order deals primarily with those who practice forbidden magic. Often confused with secular Witch Hunters, members of this Order are most concerned with rooting out corruption from within the ranks of the Cult.

•The Order of the Anvil – This is a monastic Order whose members live out their lives in isolation from the rest of society, dedicating themselves to meditation and prayer. The main function of this Order is to study and interpret the Word of Sigmar, which forms the basis for Imperial law.

The Order of the Silver Hammer
The Order is the martial arm of the Cult of Sigmar. Members of this Order are commonly known as Warrior Priests. They travel the Empire, promoting the Cult, opposing Chaos, and generally bringing glory to their god. They frequently join the ranks of the armies of the Empire, attending to the spiritual needs of the soldiers and inspiring them on the battlefield.

Game Organizations

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