Items Required

During the games each player should have:

Dice – Each player should aquire their own RPG dice to play each night. The dice pack should include:

6x D6
1x D20
1x D10
1x Percentage Die
1x D8
1x D12
1x D4

These can be found at any store which carries D&D books. They usually sell in packages with the listed dice included. Average price is $8.99.

Rule Book – If possible there should be several copies of the Players Handbook brought to each game as the players will most likely wish to reference material during the game.

Paper – Each player will require a note pad to keep track of various things that happen during the game.

Pencil/Pen & Eraser – Pencil will be best as you can erase as needed, if you don’t have a pencil a pen will suffice.

Snacks & Drinks – Everyone should bring something to eat and drink. But all players should note that no food or drink is allowed on the playing surface… Ask Aoennis about the Pink Reactor Fuel incident…

Items Required

For the Empire! Wheatkings