The Candy Shop

The Candy Shop is a place where players can go to select items from the DM. The lists will not have more then 4 items per player on it at any given time. These items will be given only when the DM says the players can go to the Shop.

Current Lists of Items

Selected Items
Item #3 – Cameleon Cloak
When not moving you can not be seen. When moving a noticable shimmer is seen. Item is magical.

Item #1 – Night Eye
Allows wearer to see 60’ in the dark as if it is mid-afternoon. Will not work in magical darkness. Item is magical.
Item #2 – Rapid Shot Hand Crossbow
Allows 2 shots to be taken per round. Bolts deal 1D4 damage each. Can only target a single foe per round.
Item #3 – Feather Light Boots
Allows wearer to jump jump 2x their normal height. Allows wearer to move an extra 1/3 distance.

Tracius Falkenberg
Selected Items
Item #4 – Chapeau of Wisdom/Intelligence
Gives the user a +1 to either wisdom or intelligence score

Item #1 – Dagger of Resurection
Dagger will resurect one fallen player. Once used the dagger will disolve into dust.
Item #2 – Cloak of Defense
Is a magically ibued cloak+ which provides -1 damage and +1 to players AC. Wearer must be a magic user.
Item #3 – Bag of Potions
Contains: 2x Heal Full potions, 3x Heal 1/2 potions, 1x Invisibility potion, 1x Truth Serum

Selected Items
Item #4 – Oath Stone
When a dwarf goes to war he carries the honour of his clan and his hold with him. It is a matter of personal pride that he will do them credit or not return at all. To demonstrate his intent he will take an Oath stone with him. This is a carefully sculpted plinth on which the lineage and the deeds of the owner are carved.
At starting the dwarf that carries this on his person. Player recieves +1 to morale.
The longer the bearer wears the stone the more bonuses it will recieve.

Item #1 – Weapon Rune: Master Rune of Skalf Blackhammer
Hammer recieves rune which provides a +2 damage bonus
Item #2 – Weapon Rune: Master Rune of Smiting
Weapon recieves +1D3 damage to all opponents that are hit. Weapon will also do +1 damage extra per hit. This damage will compound until user misses.
Item #3 – Armour Rune: Master Rune of Steel
Armour has the rune etched at the back of the neck. This rune provides a +2 to AC.

Cassie’s Character
Item #1 -

The Candy Shop

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