Character Creation

To keep the group ballanced we’re looking for the following rolls:

*Rogue – Noctis
*Wizard – Tracius Falkenberg – Spartan
*Hammerer (Paladin) – Throadin – Aoennis
*Fighter #1
*Fighter #2
*Fighter #3 (Ranged)

For other classes please discuss wtih GM.


Some races just wont translate well into the Warhammer universe. Because of this some races will not be able to be played and some of the races will have to be tweaked to better fit into the universe. Only the below races will be allowed to be played.

*Elves – Will be portrayed as High Elves and Dark Elves in this game
*Wood Elves – Will be portrayed by the Eladrin
*Halflings – Will be from the Moot
*1/2 Elf

NOTE: For people wishing to be a race other then human your background will require you to show why you are in Averhiem. Please check with the GM on your background to ensure its integrity with the Warhammer Universe.

Ability Scores

We will be using method #3: Rolling Scores in the Players Handbook (pg 16). Players will roll 4d6 and take the hightest 3 dice. Roll for each: Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intellegience, Wisdom, Charisma.

When rolling, if 3 of the 4 dice roll less then 4’s, re-roll all 4 dice. Once you’ve rolled and gotten your 6 numbers total all of them together. If when you add up all 6 numbers you do not meet or exceed the “standard array” (total = 76) talk to the DM about which dice need to be re-rolled.


In D&D 4.0 there are only 5 alignments which is much less then previous versions of the game. These are:

Lawful Good You respect the authority of personal codes of conduct, laws and leaders and you believe that those codes are the best way of achieving your ideals.

Good You believe it is right to aid and protect those in need. You’re not required to sacrifice yourself to help others or to completely ingnore your own needs but you might be asked to place others needs above your own… in some cases, even if that means putting yourself in harms way.

Unaligned You don’t actively seek to harm others or wish them ill. But you also don’t go out of your way to put yourself at risk without some hope of reward.

Evil You don’t necessarily go out of your way to hurt people, but they’re perfectly willing to take advantage of the weakness of others to aquire what they want.

Chaotic Evil You have a complete disregard for others. Each believes he or she is the only being that matters and kills, steals and betrays others to gain power. Your world is meaningless and your actions destructive. Your worldviews can be so warped that they destroy anything and anyone that doesn’t directly contribute to your interests.

Due to the way the Warhammer is set up, all characters must have an alignment of neutral to Lawful good in this game.


Each player will start with one set of clothing and 100 gp’s to spend on equipment.


Please see Dieties section.

Character Creation

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